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How to Select Charger Matched with Battery

Low-frequency charger can not be used to charge maintenance-free batteries or lithium batteries because it can not effectively control the charging current and voltage, otherwise, it will charge the batteries. Additionally, it has large volume and heavy weight, and can only be used in portable mode. It is suitable for batteries with low requirements. The main current charger of electric vehicle is an intelligent electronic charger.


The following factors should be considered when selecting a good intelligent charger:


1. Appearance volume is small.

Intelligent charger belongs to switching power supply products. The smaller the volume and the same output power, the higher the power density, the higher the technical content, the higher the efficiency, the smaller the calorific value, the higher the reliability, and the stronger the manufacturing capability of the manufacturer.Cable and wiring terminals: Charger power for electric vehicles is generally 1-3KW, which consumes a lot of power. Cable and wiring terminals should meet safety standards, otherwise, safety accidents will occur.


2. Protection Level

Portable electric vehicle chargers are usually used outdoors, vulnerable to dust, rain, fog and other effects. Vehicle chargers also need to consider the impact of vibration and road water. The higher the protection level, the longer the service life of chargers.Summit charger adopts full sealing and glue filling technology, which can adapt to any harsh environment.


3. Protection function

In the process of battery charging, there will be a variety of abnormal conditions, affecting the charging effect. In order to ensure the normal operation of the charger and protect the battery, regular manufacturers will set up a series of charging protection measures. Informal small factories, in order to save costs, rough and disorderly manufacturing, omitted some protection functions, to bring hidden dangers to the use of users.

Summit Charger Protection Function Table

Battery costs account for about 30% of the total cost of electric vehicles, and most of the batteries are not damaged, but charged! Choosing a reputable brand charger not only saves the cost, but also guarantees the normal driving of the car!

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