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How to Choose the Right Charger

Charger parameters are determined according to the brand, type, model and quantity of batteries used


1. Charging Voltage: Calculate the series voltage of the battery group and determine the voltage of the charger. For example, the battery group is five 12V batteries, and the charging voltage is 12*5=60V. Select a 60V charger.


2. Charging current: The number of amperes per battery multiplied by 0.15-0.18 is the charging current (ampere). If the battery is 100AH, charging current range: 15A-18A


3. Charging curve: Charging curve has great influence on charging effect. Different brands of batteries require different charging curves. Large-brand batteries, such as Chaowei, Tianneng, Olympic crown and Beijing Ball, all have strict requirements on charging curve. They are full and fast, and will not cause damage to batteries. Therefore, it is necessary to select a strong brand of charger recognized by battery dealers to ensure charging effect. Summit has long-term cooperation with famous domestic brand batteries, although you can rest assured of using them. In addition, traditional tubular batteries seem to have lower requirements for chargers and lower requirements for charging curves. Theory and practice show that charging with intelligent chargers can greatly reduce liquid volatilization, protect the plates and prolong the life of batteries by more than twice.

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