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The Whole Product Series Of Summit Power


“Summit Power” is a professional charger manufacturer for lead acid battery and lithium battery,we have independent R & D teams and latest production lines,we provide battery charger design, application, charging system solutions and perfect after-sales service.

Summit power has 7 seies battery charger models are designed to charge Wet/Flood,AGM,Gel,Deep Cycle Lead Acid,LifePO4 and Lithum lon batteries.

They are uesd for cycle charging of battery packs of electric vehicles,motorcycles,sightseeing vehicles,forklifts,logistics vehicles,golf carts,patrol cars,Boats,communication equipment,etc.


Featuring the best feature set delivered in a smart firmware built in, with input wide voltage, high power factor, high reliability, fully-sealed pouring process, high safety, and dynamic charging curve.Summit Chargers are a whole product series that offer High Efficiency, High Reliability and Multi-Voltage Support with automatic DC output voltage detection and adjustment. Designed for on-board or off-board charging, Summit Charger Series enclosure is IP66/IP67 rated to resist water dust and other environmental elements.




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